Ben Morris

Ben Morris is an experienced and dynamic young photographer. Originally from North Yorkshire in England, he lived in both London and Paris before settling in New York. He currently divides his time between being in New York and London.

Ben’s photographs and subsequent photographic collages reveal his unique ability to combine his visual imaginary with intimate artistic interpretation. As a direct consequence of Ben’s passion for photography and his personality, his shoots and sets are full of positive energy, adventure and humor which is greatly valued by clients and colleagues alike.

Ben shoots on a range of different mediums and camera’s to create the perfect artistic setting for whatever subject he is working with on any set day. As a result of this way of working, his personal website changes in it’s entirety every single week, designed to be a constant flow of new photography in the sense of having a constantly changing online gallery with the feel of a physical one.

Ben’s strong narrative and sometimes candid style, and the capacity to document seemingly intimate moments has seen him shoot for magazines such as British Vogue, Vogue UA, Arena Homme +, Paper, Numero, Muse and Purple Magazine.

Brooklyn based, but back and forth frequently to Europe, Ben’s campaign clients include, Phillip Lim, John Varvatos, Uniqlo, Nike, Yves Salomon and H&M.

Ben’s first book, documenting modern feminism in art, shot in Berlin, London, New Zealand, New York, Spain and Australia will be published in late 2017.