Tiffany Nicholson

Tiffany is a portrait and fashion photographer based in New York.

Born in 1984 in Minot, North Dakota on an airforce base. Tiffany moved a lot at a young age until her family settled in Ohio where she was raised. Growing up Tiffany always had her hand in something creative,  she started off as a painting concentration which then evolved into printmaking and lastly photography.  Tiffany approaches photography much like she would a painting focusing on color, perspective and layers of texture.

Tiffany has shot for publications such as W, Glamour, Esquire, L’Officiel USA, InStyle, Harpers Bazaar UK, Hero, Wonderland, more and growing.

Tiffany’s inspirations are

Texture/ Color/ Light/ Cinema/Special Relationships/ Japanese Art (prints), Youth & 90s Grunge culture.